About Us.

Who we are

We're a team of artists and engineers, with a mission to build and share memorable user experience.

Our journey begins with client-based web development company, a decade ago. While working for clients our skill set grow from technology to design, information architecture, minimal, interactiveness and many more. Based on this experience and out of interest we started designing wordpress themes and website templates. All our products are build for clean design supported by robust functionality that enhances the user engagement and in term increase ROI for our customers.


Web Development

  • Front End Development
  • PSD to HTML Conversion
  • WordPress Development
  • PHP Development


  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Mobile Apps Design

Core Values

Quality of work

We care every little details, other seems to ignore. It makes our products to achieve great results.

Design Thinking

We always find ways to solve all complex problems with designing a solution architecture.


Simplicity is a complex science, it takes us years of practice and we are still striving for perfection.


We and our products are growing continuously, we believes in building to change instead of build to last.


Web can be better if it is faster. We code our products in a way that make them to load with a great speed.


Great products comes with great responsibility. We always remains accountable for all the customer feedbacks.

Work Process

01 Research & Planning

First of all we decide the niche for our new theme and adopt ourselves in that industry by researching competitiors, trend and target audience. The following major task involved in this phase:

  • Study the industry landscape.

  • Research the target audience.

  • Define the outcomes.


Design is very important part of our products, we reiterate the process until we produce awesome design. The major activities are:

  • Design the highly defined wireframes.

  • Photoshop design of web and mobile layouts.

  • Icon and illustration design.


Development part start with choosing the state-of-art web technologies and not ends until our product achieves the managability that even a non-technical user can easily edit pages and expand a site's content. The major activities includes:

  • Developing the markup.

  • Applying interactive animations and effects.

  • Test the markup in all the devices, major browsers and validate with W3C Standards.

  • Integrate WordPress with custom editable elements and required plugins.

05Quality Assurance

We test the product in each step of our process in order to create unique and bug free final product. After testing for usability, functionaly and codes we insure the following:

  • 95+ Google Score.

  • Page load should not be more then 1 second.

  • HTML Validation Checked.

  • CSS Validation Checked.


We write technical documents in a way that can be easily understood by a non-technical user. We use well instructed visuals and code players so that user can play with the themes and expand as per their needs.

06Feedback, Support and Updates

After launching the theme, we waits for the user feedbacks, we fix every small bug comes in a way. We accept the good feature request develop it.

We make sure that each update is provided to buyers over emails.

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